DS-350 simple structure: burner uses drawer type, which is easy to disassemble£¬install and fix.

Electrical performance comparision of DS-350 electrical-type kerosene heater and other products
Project DS-3200

Other products

(Toyotomi) (CORONA)

Comparision of DS-350 and other products
Heat generation 3200W-3500W 3200W Similar heat generation
Fuel consumption 0.08-0.32L/H 0.12-0.35L/H Less fuel consumption
conflagration Lasts 14-16 hours Lasts 14-15 hours only Longer conflagration time
Fuel tank The rainbow attracts type 5L (onel tank) Two tanks(upper 5L + Lower 1 L) Rainbow attraction type will not be stained with kerosene and very convenience to carry
Ignition power consumption £¼350W maximum power 650W constant power Lower power consuption
Working power £¼98W £¼70W Lower power consuption
Operation noise Less than 35decibels (conflagration) Less than 40 decibels(conflagration) Less noise
Gasification Room Super-small sealed(will not charred) open(easy to charred) Any scraped kerosene can use in this machine
Air blower Low noise ball bearing shaded pole moter Oil bearing shaded pole moter(short life time) Stable rotational speed with loger life time




Using silicon nitride, hot-surface igniter

pulse igniter

100% success of ignition, which greatly reduces the smell when switching on or off the heater




Tire electromagnetism valve nozzle

use completely closed burner

Non-electromagnetism valve nozzle

others use open burner

No odour when turn on and off

so the procedure of oil to steaming oil is fuller. As a result, using our heater can save more kerosene and make it more efficently

Product weight 8Kg 10Kg Less weight(lighter)
Product size 340mm*280mm*440mm 350mm*320mm*450mm Smaller volume


DS-350 Electrical Performance

1.Power: 3.2KW
3.Using gasification combustion, it can energy-saving 20%
4.We are using the latest international style of siphon principle of non-stick oil tank clean.
5.low-power long-life ceramic heater(pri-heating only 200W,Normal run only 20W),
6.Motor with ball bearings , greatly reduce the noise, very stable
7.Electronic Temperature Control Range:12¡æ to 30¡æ.
8.Sleep Mode:1 to 99 minute
9.24-hour time display
10.Oil volume: 5L (siphon principle of non-stick oil tank )
11.11.Oil Consumtion: 0.08-0.32L/H
12.Vibration and dulow-power long-life ceramic heater(pri-heating only 250W,Normal run only 20W),mping protection,It will stop work in the horizontal direction 15 degrees
13 More than five kinds of automatic detection for protection devices
14.Weight£º8 kgs
15.Dimension£º340£¨L£©X 320£¨W£©X 440£¨H£©(mm)