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Battery Charger


DASHAN Lead Acid Battery Charger make battery maintenance fast and easy. Can charging a variety of battery of various motor vehicles/cars/trucks, tractors, diesel engine sets, shipping generator/electric sets, miner's lamps, motorcycles etc. While Maintaining vehicles or working in the coal mine, the chargers can be used as the power supply for safety lighting.

DASHAN battery chargers offer automatic charging characteristic for rapid, accurate and complete charging of Lead Acid Batteries. Unlike some other unregulated chargers, DASHAN chargers embody the feature that allow the output voltage automatically adjusts to changing input, load, battery and ambient conditions in order to prevent battery overcharging and consequent loss of battery electrlyte.

DASHAN supply power-frequency & high-frequency Battery Chargers, so you have wide range to choose which model are more suitable for you.


DASHAN Battery Charger have the following key features:

* Microprocessor Controller design provides fast and accurate charging

* A wide AC input voltage range enables proper delivery of a full 3-stage charge

* Overcharging and overload protection

* Optimum charger characteristics through temperature sensor

* Modern design of rugged aluminum housing for corrosion protection (high-frequency charger)

* Smart cooling system via thermostat-controlled fan (high-frequency charger)